Flat Out are a state-wide homelessness assistance and advocacy service for women 18+
Flat Out are a state-wide homelessness assistance and advocacy service for women 18+
Flat Out are a state-wide homelessness assistance and advocacy service for women 18+

A Statewide Help Service For Ladies Leaving Imprisonment

Flat-out was a state-wide homelessness service and advocacy service for females 18+ (with/without child), who may have had connection with the criminal justice and/or jail technique in Victoria. Flat-out does not have cover.

Flat Out and its team is focused on giving support to the proper, protection, involvement and empowerment of little ones.

Flat Out are an independent, not just for revenue, people built organisation that is definitely managed by as well as for lady.

Flat Out try devoted to co-creating more secure spaces, nurturing assistance and self-determination for people who establish as sistergirls, intersex, transgender and/or gender varied people. Most people respect that name is for the given individual to define, and function collectively to ensure those that have these personal information happen to be accorded regard and accessibility our service and advocacy, and provided ongoing opportunities to teach regulations in regards to the intersection of the identities with experience of criminalisation.

The flat-out Management Collective (aboard) welcomes comeliness and equivalence through the necessary parts of governance, owners and management which happen to be underpinned by a comprehensive couple of standards, insurance and methods and delegated influence.

Flat-out gets administration financial backing throughout the office of Health and personal solutions (Victoria), the North west Melbourne Primary wellness internet (Commonwealth), and plan financing from several origins to increase all of our ability to deliver cutting edge and efficient treatments, advocacy and societal changes. Federal government investment is actually for the reason for giving individualised service and advocacy for ladies (with or without child) to manage homelessness, treatment and beer therapy and various additional service and advocacy to handle the main factors that cause criminalisation.

Individual financing are raised through contributions, funds and basic fundraising for the purposes of apartment Out’s sociable changes and general advocacy function.

Flat-out will lead and participates in study and community education, seeking to update the broader area about the harms that take place for females in the violent justice technique. Flat Out works immediately with women who possess adept criminalisation and/or incarceration as well as to help right and circumstances of women in prison. Flat-out actively works to protect against ladies from likely prison, and retaining women out of prison whenever they are made available.

The concepts and ideals that underpin apartment Out’s perform posses continued constant since smooth Out’s creation (1988). Through neighborhood interest, knowledge and investigation, Flat Out work toward using a strong sound into the jail abolition movement around australia and worldwide. All of our plans would be that in the course of time prisons could be considered as ancient, cruel and useless schools. Certainly not unlike the moves to abolish slavery; techniques to get rid of racism; the women’s liberation action, together with the action to end homelessness. Flat-out tries to get results along varied towns to get rid of all kinds of inequality and unfairness. We see most of these activities as adjoined.

We strive to honour our personal obligations to ladies who happen to be criminalised, family and followers of Flat Out, the larger area and our funders.

Flat Out Standards

  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people’s while the fundamental sugar daddy sites individuals of Australian Continent
  • Our personal business being managed by & for women
  • Cooperating with women who are actually criminalised
  • Promoting quality help services & advocacy
  • Freedom, equality & self-determination
  • Social justice & financial chances for any of
  • Everybody has the authority to lead protected, violence-free schedules
  • Getting element of a fluctuations to finish criminalisation and jail time
  • Using the bigger neighborhood toward the eyesight

The Eyes

Ladies are maybe not criminalised or imprisoned

How can we obtain there

  • We're going to manage Flat Out as an impartial, not just for gains organisation.
  • We're going to keep your mind engaged on on working for ladies who tend to be criminalised.
  • We're going to give professional woman-centred service and advocacy.
  • We're going to support women to acquire appropriate and reasonably priced home.
  • We shall support women in their own journeys to well being and health.
  • We shall supporting female to reconnect with personal and people.
  • We will positively market good alternatives to criminalisation and imprisonment.
  • We shall run and cause good sociable and systemic changes.
  • We'll deal with the larger area towards all of our vision.

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